Michael Barrio serves as a Project Consultant at Asset Funders Network (AFN). In this role, he works to provide a comprehensive landscape of the worker-centered policy efforts, key organizations and coalitions in New Mexico, and the capacity of these entities/groups to expand and protect pro-worker economic policies that center the needs and priorities of BIPOC workers, with an emphasis on BIPOC women.

Outside of AFN, Michael is an established and influential government and community affairs executive with expertise in leading public policy negotiation and development as well as strategic innovation for growth. Michael has an extensive background in corporate human resources and mergers & acquisitions (at the Walt Disney Co. and Yahoo, Inc.), public affairs, government relations and advocacy. His work in New Mexico has been focused on ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion in New Mexico by working to craft, advance and advocate for policy that reflects that.

Michael received his Bachelors and Masters degrees (17th Century Lit & Feminist Theory, and Rhetoric & Professional Communication respectively) from New Mexico State University. He currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.