Grant Wallace is Arkansas Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan’s Chief Deputy Treasurer for Programs and Services. As Chief Deputy Treasurer, he oversees the communications, human resources, IT and 529 and financial education departments in the office. He serves as an executive team member, senior advisor, directs communication strategy for the office, oversees the operation of the 529 education savings, ABLE and financial education programs, and advises on policy and legislative issues. Wallace is a 2010 graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s of General Studies, Summa Cum Laude.

Wallace most recently worked for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network as the Grassroots Manager for Arkansas. Prior to that, he worked for the American Cancer Society as the West Texas Regional Director of Health Initiatives and Field Government Relations Director. Wallace also served during Mike Huckabee’s term as governor in several roles including: Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs and Finance, Communications Assistant and Assistant Director of the governor’s Washington, DC office.

Since joining the Treasurer’s office, Wallace has been able to successfully secure legislation extending the carry-forward provision for 529 contributions, inclusion of an employer tax deduction for matching contributions in employee’s 529 accounts, protecting ABLE account funds from Medicaid clawback, a rollover tax deduction bonus for 529 accounts, establishing the ABLE program in Arkansas, and is responsible for carrying the Treasurer’s office appropriation bill each session.

Recently he was awarded the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF) “State Government Staff Leadership Award,” and served two years as the State Staff Representative for the SFOF Leadership Team. Wallace currently serves as the co-chair for the National Association of State Treasurers Chief of Staff and Chief Deputy caucus.