Housing costs directly contribute to poor health outcomes, reduced child well harmful being, and higher levels of financial insecurity. This harms not only families, but also their communities.

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  • One in three American households — nearly 100 million people — are cost-burdened (spend more than 30% of their gross income on housing), including 21% of homeowners and 44% of renters.
  • 1 in 4 renters spends more than half their income on housing.
  • New finding: The mismatch between the location of jobs and housing affects non-coastal metro areas — such as San Antonio and Salt Lake City — as well as coastal ones and is costing America $2 trillion annually.
  • New analysis: How housing cost burdens differ by rental vs. ownership and by race, allowing comparisons between black and white renters, for example.
  • The lingering effects of federal and state-level housing policies which have created barriers for certain populations: low-income households, renters, single women, single parents, LGBTQ and disabled populations, along with racial and ethnic segregation and discrimination.