Two useful resources from the National Consumer Law Center


Help For Private Student Loan Borrowers During Covid-19 Crisis

Some states are taking action to help borrowers with private student loan debt in addition to other general debt relief steps. A number of state attorney general offices have reached an agreement with private student loan lenders to provide assistance during the Covid-19 crisis. Those lenders have agreed to offer the following forms of relief for private student loan borrowers…READ MORE


What States Can Do to Protect Consumers: Student Loans, A two-page infographic on actions states can take

States have a variety of legislative, regulatory, and enforcement tools to protect student borrowers. They can increase oversight of for-profit schools, defend private student loan borrowers when they are sued (debt defense), and enforce existing consumer protection laws. More broadly, an array of policy reforms, such as reducing higher education costs and increasing the amount of wages and bank account balances protected from garnishment, are necessary to ensure a sustainable higher education system that lifts up low-income students and communities of color…READ MORE