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Peer to Peer – Moving Beyond “EITHER OR” to “BOTH AND”: Why We Need Both Income Stabilization & Wealth Building and How to Get There

Creating a more equitable and anti-racist economy that includes reducing the racial wealth gap requires a deep understanding of the distinctive impacts of different policy solutions. Strategies such as Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) and tax credits provide income stability within the context of poverty. However, funders focused on reducing the racial wealth gap understand the need to be more intentional about creating opportunities to couple income stabilization with wealth building opportunities. In other words it’s a BOTH AND strategy in which income floors are raised and stabilized alongside opportunities for individuals and communities to build and preserve their wealth (e.g. homeownership, small business, etc.)
Please join Asset Funders Network on January 19, 2023 at 1:00-2:15 ET for a member-only discussion on racial wealth equity. Together we will discuss:
  • How we can become more intentional about creating wealth vs. focusing on stabilizing individuals and families within the context of poverty?
  • What are the pathways to wealth that we want to create for those families who need it most, especially those who have been most excluded?
  • How can we dismantle the historic and enduring systems that impeded the wealth creation for these families?

Joanna Smith-Ramani, Managing Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program


Peer-to-Peer: Advancing an Anti-Racist Economy is a series of member-only monthly sessions centered around AFN’s seven issue areas. Building on critical conversations from AFN’s 2022 National Grantmaker conference, these 75-minute virtual webinars will feature speakers discussing policy and programmatic advances as well as foster authentic dialogue to advance an anti-racist economy.

This session is exclusively for AFN members. Not an AFN member but interested in attending? Please visit our website or reach out to Kristin Rennels, Membership Director ( to learn more about joining AFN as a member.