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Peer-to-Peer: Place-Based Insights and Action for Equitable Infrastructure in Financial Health Recovery

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What does it really mean to invest in recovery? COVID-19 policies and practices have offered a variety of solutions to the long-standing economic vulnerability of many Americans. The pandemic has deepened economic precarity for many. However, the impact of cash-assistance, stimulus checks, and tax credits, paired with critical emergency savings, have also offered many the chance not only to recover but to finally make ends meet. Would economic recovery mean going back to pre-COVID economic fragility where too many families live in asset poverty unable to weather a financial emergency? Will recent programmatic inputs and responsive programs merely be a temporary fix? Is there a way to make the case to continue leveraging solutions that are working for better economic security for all?

Please join us on June 17, 2021 at 12:30-1:45pm EDT for the second in our Peer-to-Peer series, a member-only peer-led discussion about investing in a reparative and responsive infrastructure for financial health. Session format will include: Registration survey overview, sharing from regional colleagues, and authentic dialogue in facilitated break-outs. Together we will discuss:

  • What does equitable recovery mean?
  • How have COVID-19 responses engaged our radical imagination for the future of economic security?
  • What data do we have to identify specific programs and help for weathering COVID-19 and other emergencies and increasing financial security?
  • How can we smooth currently uneven economic recovery and reach those most impacted by COVID-19?



picture of Cory Anderson

Rev. Cory Anderson

Chief Innovation Officer, The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation




I-Hsing Sun
Chief Program Officer, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund





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This session is part of the monthly series Peer-to-Peer: Place-Based Insights and Action. These virtual sessions will foster authentic dialogue and showcase peers’ framing and approach to issues that we care deeply about. Together we will explore models across the country, validating and challenging each other’s work for greater impact, alignment and efficacy.


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