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Peer to Peer: Place-Based Insights and Action for Debt as a Social Determinant of Health

AFN Member-only webinar.

For many families, debt is a growing fact of life used to fill financial gaps or created by medical costs or government fines and fees. Prior to COVID-19, many families with debt were already struggling to make ends meet. The pandemic only exacerbated the issue of unmanageable debt that disproportionately impacts low-income, Black, and Latinx families.

Our financial security is a social determinant of health; debt stymies that security for individuals, communities, and the economy. In Debt as a Social Determinant of Health, we will explore the burden of unmanageable debt arising from longstanding systemic inequities that degrades both health and wealth for Black and Latinx communities. We will also share strategies and recommendations for philanthropy to provide financial debt relief, and in turn, improve prosperity and well-being among Black and Latinx households.

In various regions, Asset Funders Network (AFN) members are investing in on-the-ground programs and systems change efforts focused on racial equity that relieve debt burdens for impacted communities.

Please join us on November 18 at 12:30pm ET for a 75-minute member-only peer-led discussion on reparative and responsive debt relief strategies for Black and Latinx households. Session format will include: pre-registration survey overview, sharing from regional colleagues, and authentic dialogue in facilitated small break-outs.

Together we will discuss:

  • How does burdensome debt reduce the health and wealth of low-income and Black and Latinx communities?
  • What strategies are being used to prevent unmanageable debt and provide debt relief to Black and Latinx people and increase their short- and long-term financial security?
  • How are debt reduction strategies shaping how we think about future financial resilience and overall well-being?


Susan Hoff, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Elaina Mulé, Charles Schwab Bank

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