AFN Member Conversation, Webinar

Peer to Peer – Fintech & Increased Access and Maximization of Safety Net Benefits

How is fintech democratizing access to financial institutions and governmental benefits? What kinds of consumer safety mechanisms are helping us to ensure access while ensuring user safety?

The COVID-19 pandemic saw opportunity for fintech applications to flourish and serve families with access to higher quality and faster financial technologies-especially utilizing government benefits. The promise of fintech to increase access to quality private and government financial tools– financial education, credit score review, budgeting tools as well as access to social security, disability and/or survivor’s benefits—coupled with appropriate oversight has meant that families can rightfully access benefits, in ways that are safer, and easier and ensure that everyone is served in a proper capacity to fit their banking needs.

Please join Asset Funders Network on April 20, 2023 at 1:00-2:15 ET for a member-only discussion on the impact of Fintech access to safety net benefits on financial health. Together we will explore how fintech is allowing more streamlined access to rightful benefits, pushing boundaries of limited access. Our session will be grounded in fintech as just another tool in the financial health toolbox. Session format will include: pre-registration survey overview, sharing from colleagues, and authentic dialogue. Together we will discuss:

  • How have families been able to navigate identifying eligibility and accessing safety net benefits – in a landscape of fintech applications?
  • What education strategies are being used to share information about these free applications with safety net users?
  • What regulations are necessary in order to protect the community? What risks and challenges do we need to keep in mind as we promote fintech for consumers?
  • What are the lessons and entry points for philanthropy supporting both FinTech and the Social Safety Net?

David Newville, Senior Program Director, GetYourRefund, Code for America
David Rothstein, Senior Principal, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund
Trooper Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, Benefits Data Trust

Peer-to-Peer: Advancing an Anti-Racist Economy is a series of member-only monthly sessions centered around AFN’s seven issue areas. Building on critical conversations from AFN’s 2022 National Grantmaker conference, these 75-minute virtual webinars will feature speakers discussing policy and programmatic advances as well as foster authentic dialogue to advance an anti-racist economy.

This session is exclusively for AFN members. Not an AFN member but interested in attending? Please visit our website or reach out to Kristin Rennels, Membership Director ( to learn more about joining AFN as a member.