Regional Event in Seattle

Seattle: Investing in Women, Investing in our Economy: Advancing Gender Wealth Equity

Women are the economic backbone of millions of families and communities. Their economic well being directly impacts the stability of households.

Gender wealth inequities represent substantial economic loss for the U.S. economy.

Women between the ages of 45-65 are the first generation to benefit from access to credit, education and other asset building policies. For centuries women have been locked out of opportunity to produce their own wealth and pass it on to future generations. Not until 1988, with passage of the Women’s Business Ownership Act, was the practice of requiring a male relative’s signature on a business loan outlawed.  Yet, for the last two decades women have been losing ground.

Together we’ll discuss the dimensions of gender wealth divides, what they are and why they matter. We’ll activate opportunities to help close wealth divides by digging into the details of recently enacted legislation as well as current proposals moving forward.

We’ll raise new questions and co-create ideas for investing in shared prosperity by investing in gender wealth equity.

Don’t let Viadoom get you down!

Our session is accessibly located at the Centilia Cultural Center (“To join together, to become one”) at Plaza Roberto Maestas, El Centro De La Raza, 2524 16th Avenue S, Seattle, Washington 98144.

The Center is directly across from the Beacon Hill Light Rail station as well as bus stop #3470 Beacon Ave S & S Lander St (NB) serving routes 36 and 60.

Light breakfast provided