Leveraging CDFIs To Increase Wealth Generation and Equity

Over the last ten years, entrepreneurs of color have had the greatest growth in business ownership, accounting for more than 50 percent of the two million newly created firms.  Yet, they have fewer assets, are less likely to be employer-based businesses, and are undercapitalized.

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) play a vital role in strategically leveraging opportunities for wealth creation for entrepreneurs of color. This webinar/brief will highlight successful and innovative strategies to position CDFIs as wealth-building mechanisms including recommendations on how philanthropy may invest to narrow the racial and ethnic wealth gap through investments to expand small business.

“CDFIs cannot go it alone. We are intentionally a cross-sector network because capital is one piece. The way that small businesses will thrive in a neighborhood is not just the injection of new capital and startup loans. It is a holistic approach to supporting those small businesses and the customers and workers they serve.”

Join us on July 31st at 1pm ET and together we will:

  • Discover the complex role CDFIs play in the larger ecosystem of small business wealth creation through an equity-focused lens.
  • Gain an understanding that patient capital is essential, that there is no short-term solution for immediate results, but that CDFIs for dynamic change with transformative results, need the capacity to innovate, take risks, inform, and create impact.
  • Identify grantmaking strategies to support CDFIs in generating wealth for undercapitalized communities of color.

Accessibility Statement
Captioning will be provided. If you have any other accessibility requests or questions, please email Nikki Armstead at nikki@assetfunders.org. Requests for reasonable accommodations must be received by July 24, to ensure our ability to meet your request.