Investing in the Future of Our Community: A Case Study on Funders’ Motivations for Supporting CSAs

Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) are important assets for the future of our communities.  Philanthropy plays an essential role in the growth and success of CSAs across the country. Yet, we know relatively little as to why investing in CSAs appeals to some funders and not others.  

  • What motivates funders and potential funders to consider investing in CSAs?
  • How do funders evaluate CSA success and shape the future of programs?
  • What challenges do potential and committed funders face that may deter some from investing?

Join us on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 1 pm ET for answers.  Investing in the Future of Our Community: A Case Study on Funders’ Motivation for Supporting Children’s Savings Accounts is an unprecedented field study of committed, potential, and declined CSA funders in three regions: Indiana, New York/New Jersey, and Dallas/Fort Worth.  The webinar includes:

  • Findings from the study’s authors Rebecca Loya and Lindsey Stranc, Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP), Heller School for Social Policy and Management Brandeis University.
  • A rich discussion with a practitioner from New York, a funder from Dallas, and a school representative in Indiana about their field experiences.

CSAs improve children’s educational attainment and long-term economic well-being for low and moderate income children and others traditionally left out of postsecondary education.  They link families to mainstream financial institutions and are associated with greater parental savings for postsecondary education. For children and parents, CSAs are associated with positive outcomes related to early childhood development, maternal health, and educational expectations and performance.  CSAs have many benefits, yet until now, we were not sure what compelled some funders to invest and others not to.

This dialogue will provide you with:

  • Insights on funders’ motivations, concerns, and barriers related to investing in CSAs.
  • A common set of metrics being used in CSA programs.
  • An understanding how funders influence CSA program design.

By illuminating perspectives from the field, we hope to grow and strengthen investments in CSAs and our communities’ futures.

We want your help in shaping the conversation.  Please submit your questions in advance when you register.