IN AFN: Financial Wellness & Good Jobs

Join Indiana AFN to hear the latest research on employee financial wellness and how funders can leverage these efforts to improve jobs.

Signs of financial stress among US workers are all around us. Nearly half of employees lack emergency savings, and find it difficult to cover their expenses and pay their bills. More than 50% of employees say they are somewhat or very stressed about their finances. One third of employees say they are less productive at work because of their financial stress.

Join us on Tuesday, December 10 to hear the findings from a new report, When A Job Is Not Enough: Employee Financial Wellness and the Role of Philanthropy. Learn about the role Indiana employers, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector can play in promoting financial well-being for economically vulnerable workers and their families through the offering of Employee Financial Wellness Programs (EFWPs). We’ll use these findings to engage in a broader discussion about philanthropy’s role in supporting quality jobs.


  • How integrating financial capability services into workplace settings help reduce economic volatility for workers.
  • How employee financial wellness initiatives can be a platform for improving job quality.
  • How funders, employers, and nonprofit leaders can work together to promote financial wellness and improved job quality.

Featured Guest Speaker:

  • Mathieu Despard, Faculty Director, Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis