Regional Event, Webinar in Greater New York

Greater New York Housing Policy Webinar

Housing, the single largest line item for most Americans, is becoming increasingly inaccessible for many families. Median sales prices across the country have outpaced income growth for families. The community we live in– or cannot afford– directly impacts our health, safety, public access, employment, recreational opportunities, and education. Yet, affordable housing options have failed in many communities as demand for housing far outweighs supply and costs are out of range for many. Contemporary mortgage markets still exclude more than half of Black American households from homeownership. For most Americans, home equity encompasses the lion’s share of wealth. The importance of homeownership in building home equity coupled with the oppressive legacy of racial exclusion points to the need for anti-racist policies designed to promote shared equity and ownership opportunity.

Please join Asset Funders Network on March 7th, 2023 to learn together and lift up market-specific regional policies (New York City, Newark, and Connecticut) that promote equity and access to homeownership in our region.

Together, we will:

  • Hear market-specific strategies to lower entry barriers and create more equity and affordability through housing policy
  • Discuss the role of philanthropy to identify, support, and educate for housing affordability and equity

Speaker list is under development.