Children’s Savings Account Survey of Private and Public Funding 2021

Children’s savings accounts are flourishing — maintaining momentum is critical!

By fostering a college-bound identity early in childhood, children’s savings account (CSA) programs can help put more children on a path to postsecondary education. CSAs are also associated with improved social emotional development in early childhood, educational performance in elementary and secondary school, child health, maternal mental health, and parents’ educational expectations for their children.

Join us December 7 for the release of Children’s Savings Account Survey of Private and Public Funding 2021, our fourth biennial study of private and public funding in the CSA field. During this high level briefing we will:

  • Hear from the report’s author on key findings related to the number of children with accounts, the amount of money invested and the breakdown between private and public funding.
  • Learn from our panelists as they expand upon findings in the report to discuss the influx of public state dollars, the continued role for philanthropy, ways to leverage existing private and/or public investments and more.
  • Discuss how this work connects to your other asset building and equity-focused strategies.

Despite significant challenges presented by the pandemic, the CSA field continues to grow, with new programs launching across the country and more children enrolling each year. Register now to explore the past, present, and future of CSA’s!


Amanda Feinstein, Founder, Brilliant Baby Program at Oakland Promise
Rebecca Loya, Ph.D.,
Senior Research Associate, IERE, Brandeis University (author)
Julio Martinez, Executive Director at Scholarshare Investment Board
Maggie Snyder (moderator), Asset Funders Network
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