Regional Event, Webinar in Bay Area

Bay Area: Expert Insights: Integrated Capital Approaches to Address Equity

Bay Area focused webinar, open to all.

In recent years funders have been increasingly coordinating the use of different forms of financial capital and non-financial resources to support enterprises and initiatives working to solve complex social and/or environmental problems, called integrated capital. Examples of integrated capital approach can be loans, loan guarantees, equity, grants and advisory support, to name a few. Using an integrated capital approach not only brings coordinated resources to bear on potentially catalytic solutions but also helps to leverage the diversity of resource which the philanthropic sector has available but does not always utilize in a coordinated fashion.

Join us as we hear from three funders who are using an integrated capital approach to address key social issues as they share:

  • What we mean by integrated capital
  • How it can be a part of a long-term approach to systems change
  • How they developed their strategies internally
  • Has this approach been successful?
  • What role funders can play in this catalytic form of support

Registration open to all.