A benefit of AFN membership is access to the latest insights and research. Below is information about a financial coaching research project– funded by an AFN member—that has implications for philanthropy. A summary of the research project is listed below, along with a link to the research report and/or relevant information.

For more information: Contact Karen Murrell (karen@assetfunders.org)


Financial Coaching Research Insights: AFN Member Nomination Form

  • Projects: AFN Member Financial Coaching Research Insights submission

    As investors in financial coaching, you may have funded financial coaching research, case studies, or promising practices and AFN wants to share that information with other funders. If you have funded research projects and you would like to share the research reports or products with AFN members, work with your grantee to fill out the summary form below and we will post it on the AFN website, along with a link to the report or product.
  • Share 2-3 sentences describing the purpose of the project or research question being investigated.
  • What organizations and individuals led this project or investigation?
  • List up to 3 key findings of interest to funders that emerged from this project.
  • List up to 3 findings that are important for philanthropy to consider that emerged from the project.
  • Summarize how the research findings have practical application to improve individual and family financial security.
  • Who should funders share this report with? What other target audiences that would benefit from this information?
  • List the funders (organization and contact person) who supported this project.
  • Insert URL to link to project reports and/or relevant information.
  • Insert URL to link to project reports and/or relevant information.