North Texas AFN

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is a regional network of private and corporate foundations, public-sector funders and financial institutions supporting opportunities for low-wealth individuals and families in the North Texas Area to access financial education and services, save, invest and preserve financial assets.

Launched in 2012 as a regional affiliate of the national Asset Funders Network, North Texas AFN is supporting the community of funders invested in asset-building activities in the region; strengthening the field by fostering connections between grantmakers and their peers in the nonprofit, public and private sector; and working to increase investment in the field, over the long term.

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1) Funder engagement — North Texas AFN is expanding and connecting the community of funders supporting asset-building programs, services and opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents of communities across the region by:

2) Field building — North Texas AFN is working to build the regional asset-building field by:



Membership in the North Texas Asset Funders Network is open to funders who are supporting or are actively interested in supporting asset-building programs, services and initiatives including private and corporate foundations, public agencies and financial institutions. The membership meets quarterly.

For more information or to join a regional North Texas AFN convening, please contact Annika Little, AFN Deputy Director.



Rose Bradshaw, North Texas Community Foundation
Grant Coates, The Miles Foundation
Sarah Cotton Nelson, Communities Foundation of Texas
Laura Duty, Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation
Susan Hoff, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Dena L. Jackson, Dallas Women’s Foundation
Annika Little, Asset Funders Network
Denise Mason, BBVA Compass
Sue Matkin, United Way of Tarrant County
Alfreda B. Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Dora Ramirez, Wells Fargo 
Alison Salas, The Mike and Mary Terry Foundation
Kathy Smith, Meadows Foundation
Debbie Taylor, Citibank
Michelle Thomas, JPMorgan Chase & Co.




The Connection Between Health and Financial Life in North Texas

PDF - slideshow, Jason Q. Purnell, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Brown School at Washington University In St. Louis, 2016

Brief and related resources: 

The Health and Wealth Connection: Opportunities for Investment Across the Life Course

Resources shared from Dr. Purnell: 



North Texas Funders Forum Featuring the Promise of Two-Generation Strategies

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April 05, 2016

More than 80 regional funders and nonprofit practitioners gathered on April 5 in Dallas for the North Texas Asset Funders Network's spring Funders Forum exploring two-generation strategies for supporting families and children together.  

The Forum featured a presentation by Dr. Christopher King  from the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources at the University of Texas at Austin, followed by an active discussion about implementing on a two-generation framework with Tori Mannes, CEO of the ChildCareGroup in Dallas; Carolyn Seward, CEO of The MET Center in St. Louis, MO; and Susan Gewirtz, a Baltimore-based consultant and former grantmaker.

Speakers outlined the case for two-generation approaches, shared an actionable framework for implementing two-generation programs, and discussed the impacts, early evidence, and lessons learned from existing two-generation programs. 


North Texas Funders Forum: A New Framework for Financial Security

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September 29, 2015, hosted by Community Foundation of North Texas, The Miles Foundation & United Way of Tarrant County

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is pleased to present an important conversation about the roles that philanthropy and the nonprofit sector can play in helping low-income families across North Texas move from surviving to thriving.  All too often, financial education is not enough to empower low-income families to take control of their financial lives. Learn about a new approach for addressing these challenges: a comprehensive framework or "ecosystem" that includes a range of services to meet the partner-specific, interconnected needs of people, organizations, and systems. Through interactive discussion with local funders and community-based organizations, we shared learnings about how two Tarrant County based organizations are leveraging this comprehensive approach to help families improve their financial bottom line.  

This event featured a presentation by Mae Watson Grote, Founder and Executive Director, The Financial Clinic, Kathryn Arnold, Executive Director, Family Pathfinders, Kathryn Jacob, President/CEO, SafeHaven, Jay Meadows, Board Chair, Family Pathfinders and Tracy Rector, Philanthropist & Community Volunteer; moderated by Nancy Jones, President, Community Foundation of North Texas


North Texas Funders Forum: Building Assets and Economic Opportunity through Career Pathways

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June 2, 2015, hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is pleased to present a forum highlighting the roles that philanthropy and the nonprofit sector can play in helping low-income families succeed in North Texas.  

The forum, moderated by Michelle Thomas, JPMorgan Chase & Co, featured a presentation by  Loh-Sze Leung, Jobs for the Future, with panelist Jaimi Cortes, The Women's Foundation of California, Bob Nicholson, NPower, and Mark Popovich, The Hitachi Foundation.


North Texas Funders Forum: Promoting Economic Opportunity Through Policy and Influence

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February 19, 2015, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is pleased to present a forum highlighting effective ways foundations and nonprofits can use policy change as part of their strategyfor addressing economic insecurity and asset building for low-income families.

The forum, moderated by Alfreda B. Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, featured Ann Beeson, Center for Public Policy Priorities, Nayantara Mehta, Alliance for Justice, and discussion led by Dena L. Jackson, Dallas Women's Foundation.


North Texas Funders Forum: Beyond EITC: Tax Time as a Gateway to Economic Security/Putting the EITC to Work for Working Families

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September 25, 2014, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is pleased to present an important conversation about putting the EITC to work for working families.

The forum featured Alfreda Norman, Federal Reserve of Dallas, David Sieminsk, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Julian Huerta, Foundation Communities, Sue Rogan, Maryland CASH Campaign.


North Texas Funders Forum Summer Meeting: The Power of Credit Building

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July 30, 2014 from 9:00 am – 10:45 am, Hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas. 

The North Texas Asset Funders Network is pleased to present an important conversation about credit building. Credit is widely considered to be “the passport to the new economy, yet for almost 7 out of 10 Dallas residents, the new economy is out of reach because of sub-prime or lack of credit. The speakers discussed the state of consumer credit in North Texas and how funders and nonprofits can effectively leverage credit building to help low-income families transition from getting by to getting ahead.  Participants learned about the concept of credit building and leave with specific strategies for integrating credit building into existing service delivery or strengthening current programming.

Wenhua Di, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Maxine Sweet, Experian


Funders Forum: Integrated Services - San Antonio, Texas

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May 6, 2014, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas San Antonio Branch

This meeting and site visit will provided grantmakers and philanthropic advisors with an opportunity to learn more about a fresh approach to helping low income families achieve financial stability: Integrated Service Delivery.  Funders had an opportunity to learn and ask questions through two discussion sessions – one featuring practitioners leading implementation efforts and the other featuring national, regional and local grantmakers who are nurturing the development and scale of this approach in Texas.  The meeting concluded with a site visit to San Antonio’s Financial Empowerment Center.


Funder Briefing: Financial Coaching - San Antonio, Texas

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May 7, 2014, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas San Antonio Branch

Financial coaching is a promising strategy to help people improve their financial well-being.  Practitioners are turning to coaching strategies to better facilitate behavior change as opposed to the disappointing results often found when only financial education or financial access programs are introduced.  Join your colleagues for a special briefing about the growth of coaching strategies across Texas and recommendations for collective action.


North Texas Funders Forum: Scarcity - Why Having Too Little Means So Much

April 25, 2014, hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas

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Princeton University Professor Dr. Eldar Shafir will share anecdotes from his new book entitled “Scarcity” and provide grantmakers with an intriguing new frame from which to view investing in asset building and poverty alleviation.


North Texas Funders Forum Fall Meeting: Exploring the Potential of Financial Coaching

November 20, 2013, hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas

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Leaders from the North Texas Philanthropic Community, The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and the Asset Funders Network are pleased to present an important conversation about financial coaching.


North Texas Funders Forum Summer Meeting: From Financial Education to Financial Capability

June 26, 2013, hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas

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A panel of national and local experts will discuss the concept of financial capability and how it differs from traditional financial education.  Panelists will also explore examples of replicable programs that are actively helping low-income consumers escape pay-day loan traps, establish and build positive credit, and begin saving for emergencies.