Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need

Nearly half of Americans lack savings sufficient to cover a $400 emergency in 2014, underscoring the fact that further progress in financial empowerment requires more than ensuring consumers have access to financial tools.  The challenge is getting consumers to use and benefit from the products and services currently available to them.

Developed with grantmakers and providers in mind, Asset Funders Network’s (AFN) new report, Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need, concentrates on the concept of “consumer engagement” to assist consumers in redirecting or modifying their existing savings behavior.  

Written by Doorways to Dreams Fund (D2D) with support from MetLife Foundation, this brief introduces and describes consumer engagement as an effective strategy to move consumers to desire the very tools and services that will help them build financial assets, skills and confidence.




This webinar presentation from February 24, 2016 provided funders and providers both a philosophy and a process for developing and delivering financial empowerment products, programs, and services.

Brief authors, Tim Flacke, Executive Director, D2D Fund and Kristen Bryant, Innovation Director, D2D Fund, shared an actionable framework, showcased diverse examples from the field, and highlighted tangible recommendations for financial empowerment funders. Evelyn Stark, Metlife Foundation, moderated a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of more effectively engaging low-income consumers in financial empowerment work and the role of philanthropy. 

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Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need