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March 2017 - Join us to Make Equity the Pathway for Everyone

 Over the life course, health outcomes are achieved in the United States in ways that reflect a person's and household's financial security, disposable income and wealth. AFN's most recent brief, " The Health and Wealth Connection: Opportunities for Investment Across the Life Course" ,   explores this concept. Make sure to catch one of AFN's local convenings across the country to discuss alignment and the integration of efforts moving across sectors in partnership. In the end, AFN believes this approach, to support low and moderate-income households and strengthen communities to build wealth and health, holds real promise.
This strategic investment model is one of the key findings and recommendations made by Tom Shapiro in his newest book, Toxic Inequality: How America's Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide and Threatens Our Future. In "Toxic Inequality", Tom reports on the financial circumstances of the same 200 families over 20 years reflecting the systemic challenges faced by households of color and low and moderate-income households trying to be upwardly mobile. "Toxic Inequality" makes the link of the wealth-building advantage from intentionally racist policies of the past, and the ways current policies do not level the playing field.


 January 2017 - Philanthropy's Need to Stay Focused in an Uncertain Future

 "We are challenged to work passionately and unrelentingly to get rid of racial injustice in all its dimensions. Racial injustice is ... America's shame." Dr. Martin Luther King  (1965)

 Fifty years after Dr. King spoke of the need to remain awake during the great revolution to rid America of racial injustice we still have much work to do. While the contours  of the challenges to rid our communities and the nation of racial injustice have evolved, the dimensions -- particularly as related to education, health, and wealth -- continue to require passionate and unrelenting commitment to catalyze long-term change and opportunity.


2016 Archive

  December 2016 - Philanhropy's Need to Stay Focused in an Uncertain Future

 As 2016 draws to a close, we know that the future will continue to bring change.  While not all of it will be welcome, with renewed energy and focus on our goals, philanthropy will  be  the key catalyst in advancing increased economic opportunity and prosperity for low and middle-income households.  

 AFN members will remain committed to creating economic opportunities for low and moderate-income households struggling to build savings, buy a house, pay their student loans,  avoid predatory lenders, or save for retirement. What happens in Washington D.C. will undoubtedly have an effect, but will unlikely derail the long-term outcomes or the importance  of local solutions invested in by financial institutions, community philanthropy, private employers, asset building non-profits, and local government. (Click Here to Read More)


 October 2016 - Philanthropy's Role in Creating a Pathway Regardless of Presidential Election Results

 Every four years, our nation asks the populace eligible to vote to become informed and democratically choose a President who represents a pathway as well as the face of the nation  going forward. For just the third time in our history, the electorate can choose a person who is not a White man. 

 This new diversity in Presidential Candidates is both a reflection of the nation's growing diversity and an embrace, if halting, of inclusiveness. Indeed, diversity and inclusiveness are      great strengths we all value.  (Click Here to read more)



September 2016Investments that Move Households of Color to Real Opportunity for Prosperity

AFN and it's members are committed to expanding opportunity and prosperity for everyone.  Our shared economic prosperity depends on an expanding and inclusive economy which allows workers to earn a living that provides disposable income for investment in assets.
Given our changing demographics, expanding opportunity means affirmatively reversing the legal and systemic bias of the past with investments that intentionally close the racial and ethnic wealth gaps and help those with the desire, talent and will to succeed by connecting them to the necessary tools and products. This effort requires parallel avenues to be holisitic, patience to see the results over time, and creativity to reverse systemic bias and barriers­­-after all that is a key role for our philanthropic sector.(click here to read more)



July 2016 - Addressing the Root Causes of Economic Inequality 

Each of us cares about the future of our country and understands that the advancement of economic justice and racial equity is necessary to increase opportunity and prosperity and eliminate the systemic barriers that sustain our current racial, ethnic and gender wealth gaps.  

All of us are impacted, as well, by the recent violence in our country, the unjustified shootings in the past month of police officers, the high profile string of shootings of black men over the past two years by law enforcement, and the increasingly violent rhetoric against communities of color.  Solutions require us to listen to one another, appreciate the impact of our Nation's history, and acknowledge the underlying truths raised by the advocacy of Black Lives Matter.  The role of philanthropy has and continues to lead the way. (click here to read more)



June 2016 Addressing the Boundaries Produced by Structural Racism and Gender-Bias

AFN's purpose to advance economic opportunity and prosperity for low and moderate income people is advanced with each funder's investment designed to alleviate poverty. Whether a funder prefers the framework of financial health, financial inclusion, hierarchy of needs, or increasing opportunity, the investments build on the strengths of the individual by engaging, guiding, and reinforcing their actions to build financial security and wealth. These investments increase the potential for a family to be visible to, and more active with, the right products offered by financial institutions and public-private opportunities.   As complex as that is, the sector has a comfort level with helping individuals better navigate existing systems.  
Is this enough?  (click here to read more)


May 2016 - Grantmakers Foster Hope, Drive and Wellness 

AFN recently updated its mission to more clearly direct and define the focus on realizing economic opportunity and prosperity for low and moderate income people through philanthropy. We did so to clarify our purpose, recognizing that 6 out of 10 people deemed the American Dream "impossible" to achieve (as noted in a 2014 CNN Money Poll). (click here to read more)



April 2016Change in Tax Code = Opportunity & Mobility

Like many of you, I was hitting "send" on my tax return this month, leading me to think about the act of faith it represents. In essence, I am agreeing to support the government with a portion of my earnings because it will be used (more or less) for the common good. (click here to read more)





February 2016 - The Opposite of Poverty

"The opposite of poverty is not wealth ... the opposite of poverty is justice." Bryan Stevenson 
AFN members are a strategic vanguard for expanding justice and opportunity in America. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that for the first time the proportion of annual family income in college debt for those earning $30,000 or less exceeded 50%.(click here to read more)


January 2016 - Activating our Interrelated Structure of Reality

"January has always offered a time to assess where we have been and where we are going.  For those of us seeking to increase economic security, it is an especially inspiring month as we consider the legacy to all of us left by Dr. Martin Luther King.  When you look past the known speeches, Dr. King increasingly described a moral revolution requiring all of us to act and rid our economic and social institutions of racial injustice...." (click here to read more)

2015 Archive

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2014 Archive

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