Webinar: AFN presents Work and Wealth

Jun 06, 2017


Tuesday, June 6th, 12:00 PM ET

Is the workplace a venue to promote wealth building? What roles should employers play to promote financial capability among its workforce? Do employer-based efforts have impact, and what should grantmakers know when investing in promising employer strategies to build employee wealth? These among other questions will be part of a discussion featuring Meredith Covington with the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Join the Asset Funders Network as we explore the workplace as a platform for the integration of employee financial capability and overall financial well-being.

Employers have direct access and existing structures that make them an ideal connector and perhaps deliverer of financial capability services. Financial coaching, access to financial products, savings, and online financial tools are some of the most promising strategies employers are using to integrate financial services into their company and/or organizational fabric. This session will explore the research, examples of success, and the specific role philanthropy can play as well as look at strategies foundations of any size can promote.

This session will explore the research, examples of success, and the specific role philanthropy can play - - 

     ●  Explore why employers are uniquely positioned to connect employees to financial stability/capability programs.

     ●  Highlight how employers have and can continue to play a critical role in providing employees pathways toward financial success.

     ●  Look at some of the various ways employers are integrating financial well-being programs into their company culture and structures.

     ●  Dissect which strategies seem most promising for employers to utilize.

     ●  Discuss the specific role philanthropy can play to engage employers as platforms for employee financial well-being.