Webinar: Women and Wealth: Insights for Grantmakers

Jun 24, 2015

Women are now more likely to go to college than men, and families are more likely to rely on women’s earnings than ever before. Two-thirds of mothers are the sole family breadwinners, earning as much as, or more than, their partners, or are co-breadwinners, earning at least 25% of their partner’s income, but not an equal amount.

Investing in strategies that promote women’s asset building, increase financial stability, and help women build a solid financial base for themselves and their families will not only improve women’s financial status, but also the financial status of subsequent generations and our nation’s economy.

Join us Wednesday, June 24th, 12pm CST/1pm EST to discuss how grantmakers can employ new data and strategies to impact the women's wealth gap.  



Mariko Chang, PhD
K. Sujata, Chicago Women's Foundation
Dena L. Jackson, Dallas Women's Foundation

Jill Geltmaker, Asset Funders Network



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Websites referenced in the webinar:

Mariko Chang, PhD

Dallas Women’s Foundation

Bolder Advocacy/Alliance for Justice for advocacy guidance: www.bolderadvocacy.org

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