Webinar: Investing in Savings At Tax Time: Insights for Funders

Oct 22, 2014

Tax time is a critical moment in the financial lives of working families.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is widely regarded as one of the most effective poverty alleviation programs in the country because it puts money back into the hands of working families, lifting millions of families and children above the poverty line every year. However, for many working families, the EITC alone is not enough to build financial security.

Funders, practitioners and policy makers across the country recognize the potential impact of integrating asset building services into tax time efforts as a way to help working families leverage their tax credits and begin saving.

This webinar offers a briefing on the latest innovations and best practices for helping low-income consumers leverage tax time to begin saving. Speakers discussed scale innovations that hold promise for transforming the way low-income consumers begin and build savings as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Ready, Set, Save initiative and learnings from the 2014 Tax Season. This session will highlight replicable best practices for leveraging tax time and the EITC to help low-income families get on a path to financial security. Whether you currently support tax time efforts or have a focus on low-income families, this session will provide you with actionable ideas for strategically investing in building savings at tax time.

Speakers included:

David Sieminski, Policy Analyst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Financial Empowerment
Tim Flacke, Executive Director of D2D Fund

This webinar was co-sponsored by the EITC Funders Network and the Asset Funders Network.


Please click here to view the webinar recording.