Webinar: Homeownership and the Racial Wealth Gap

Jan 18, 2017

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Housing Finance at a Glance: a Monthly Chartbook - Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute
Is Timing Everything? Race, Homeownership and Net Worth in the Tumultuous 2000s, Sandra J. Newman and C. Scott Holupka
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Liza Cowan, Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Maurice Jones, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
Ellen Seidman, Urban Institute 


As the movement to understand and address income inequality gains momentum, policymakers, practitioners and funders face the challenge of confronting growing wealth gaps by race and ethnicity.

Historically homeownership has been a strategy to reduce the racial wealth gap. However recent data shows that all homeownership is not created equally.  Studies have shown that minorities, particularly African Americans, have not built as much wealth from homeownership when compared with other racial groups.  

AFN’s live webinar, Homeownership and the Racial Wealth Gap: Policies and Strategies that can Make a Difference, [January 18th from 10am-11am PST] addressed the reasons for the disparity in wealth related to minority homeownership and the appropriate policy and program solutions required to set up these future minority homebuyers up for success.

By participating in this webinar, funders learned about promising strategies that can promote sustainable home ownership for people of color. The discussion included a review of today’s housing policy landscape, an overview of who current homeowners are and how homeownership can help or exacerbate racial wealth disparity.