North Texas: Understanding Income Volatility: A Grantmaker’s Guide to Impact

Nov 15, 2017


WHEN: November 15, 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. CST
WHERE: Communities Foundation of Texas, 5500 Caruth Haven Lane, Dallas


As work has evolved and jobs look more different than ever, it is critical to understand the impact of these changes on income – predictability, variability, and frequency – and how that changes the opportunity for mobility.

This problem is not the same as an income insufficiency/low-income issue, or just the story of stagnating wages over the last few decades. These same workers are simultaneously experiencing low-wages and major week-to-week and month-to-month fluctuations in their income. When this volatility is combined with a general lack of upward mobility, the results are toxic: high-interest debt, unstable housing, and food insecurity, among other destabilizing effects. This apparent paradox – wage stagnation in the macro sense and short-term income volatility on the household level – helps explain the precarious position many families find themselves in today.

And while volatility makes it harder to manage cash flows and can trigger demand for high-cost financial credit products, it also seems to have serious downstream effects on the health and education outcomes of children. Essentially, income volatility undermines every investment in education, public health, and economic development, chipping away at what would otherwise be positive returns.

Join us to learn more about the enormous challenge income volatility presents in our country and learn about an array of strategies for philanthropy to leverage both investments and leadership to empower families to protect themselves from volatility’s worst effects.

This event is hosted by the North Texas Asset Funders Network

North Texas AFN Steering Committee members include: Rose Bradshaw, North Texas Community Foundation; Grant Coates, The Miles Foundation; Sarah Cotton Nelson, Communities Foundation of Texas; Laura Duty, Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation; Susan Hoff, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas; Dena L. Jackson, Dallas Women’s Foundation; Annika Little, Asset Funders Network; Denise Mason, BBVA Compass; Sue Matkin, United Way of Tarrant County; Alfreda B. Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Dora Ramirez, Wells Fargo; Allison Salas, The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation; Kathy Smith, Meadows Foundation; Debbie Taylor, Citibank; Michelle Thomas, JPMorgan Chase & Co.


For more information, please contact Julie Morris, Asset Funders Network at or 714.878.2007.