North Texas Asset Funders Network Fall Meeting

Sep 29, 2015

Attendees joined us for an important conversation about a new framework for supporting the financial security of low-income and working families.

Despite growing and focused efforts to help low-income working families get ahead through education and workforce interventions, many families simply do not know how to effectively leverage income into financial stability.  All too often, financial education is not enough to empower low-income families to take control of their financial lives.  Few organizations have the expertise, support, or resources alone to confront this challenge.  

A new approach for addressing these challenges leverages a comprehensive framework or "ecosystem" that includes a range of direct services, capacity building, and advocacy services to meet the partner-specific, interconnected needs of people, organizations, and systems.  This holistic model delivers high-quality financial development services while also recognizing different resources are appropriate for different financial issues and outcomes. By building financial security where customers already are, community-based organizations can serve more customers, according to their specific needs. Based on proven results, the financial security ecosystem brings "faster, better, cheaper" outcomes to all partners.  

A panel of regional funders and national and community based service providers will discuss the financial security ecosystem and how implementation of the framework is positively impacting the way they are investing in and supporting low-income families in Tarrant County.  

Speakers Include:
Mae Watson Grote, Founder and Executive Director, The Financial Clinic  
Kathryn Arnold, Executive Director, Family Pathfinders
Jay Meadows, Board Chair, Family Pathfinders 
Kathryn Jacob, President/CEO, SaveHaven 
Nancy Jones, President, Community Foundation of North Texas

Where: Lena Pope Home, 3200 Sanguinet Street, Fort Worth
When: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 10:00am - 11:45am 

Hosted by: Community Foundation of North Texas, The Miles Foundation, & United Way of Tarrant County

Event Resources

Agenda (PDF)

Slideshow (PDF)

Examples of Community Partnerships - Cassata Catholic High School